Little Sailor

Little Sailor 3.0

Strangely scintillating sailing sim


  • Lots of tracks to choose from
  • Track editor
  • Intelligent, challenging gameplay


  • Graphics aren't that good

Very good

Sailing is one of the few sports that hasn't produced scores of 'virtual' versions, so Little Sailor makes for a welcome change.

Little Sailor is a sailing, surfing, and motorboat simulation for Palm devices. The object of the game is to navigate a series of courses against other, AI-controlled, boats. The winner is the boat who passes through all of the gates, in the correct order, in the fastest time. Be careful, because time penalties will be issued if you crash into anything.

Playing Little Sailor is far from easy, especially if you've never sailed before, and there are a number of factors you need to take into account in order to maintain a steady ship. You are in control of the rudder via the hardware cursors or the menu icon, but must also raise or lower the mast, trim the sail, and adjust the throttle. All the while you should be thinking about the direction of the wind and the force of the current. This can make Little Sailor somewhat tricky to start off with, and it takes a while to figure everything out.

Although the graphics are less than impressive, there is plenty of enjoyment to be had from Little Sailor once you get going - I would even say it becomes quite a calming experience. There are lots of different tracks to race on and you can even create your own. Plus, Little Sailor can be customized by tweaking the display, control buttons, speed and distance units, and much more.

If you fancy a different kind of sports sim, Little Sailor offers a strangely captivating alternative to all the pool, soccer, and golf games out there.

Little Sailor


Little Sailor 3.0

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